Education will always play a major role in your health and movement journey. Historically people have relied on doctors and health professionals to provide them with this education. Unfortunately many medical and health professionals are still providing outdated information that disempowers people and keeps them reliant on passive treatments and modalities to 'fix' them. 

These days we have unprecedented access to cutting-edge health education at the tips of our fingers, through the power of the internet. If used well then these resources can be some of the greatest tools in becoming stronger, healthier and happier versions of ourselves.

The issue is that there is such a mind-blowing amount of information out there in books, podcasts, blogs and magazines that it becomes overwhelming and even paralysing.

The key is to consistently expose yourself to a wide range of information so that you can build a good base of understanding and see the deeper connections between the different pillars of health. But with so much out there, where do you start? 

We’ve created an expanding list of our favourite resources to help get you started and keep you going on this journey.

NOTE: It is important that you experiment and apply things to yourself and see how they work for you (everyone will respond differently) - sometimes the guidance of a health or medical professional is necessary, however you should do your best to seek out those professionals whose focus is empowering you with active treatments and lifestyle changes. 



Move Your DNA - Katy Bowman

Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker 

A Guide to Better Movement - Todd Hargrove

In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan 

Atomic Habits - James Clear 

The Oxygen Advantage - Patrick McKeown

Playing With Movement - Todd Hargrove

Biology of Belief - Bruce H. Lipton 

Whole Body Barefoot - Katy Bowman 

The Brain that Changes Itself - Norman Doidge 

How To Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan 

Becoming a Supple Leopard - Kelly Starrett 

Deskbound - Kelly Starrett

You Are the Placebo - Joe Dispenza 



TFC Audio Project

Move Your DNA Podcast 

The Barefoot Movement Podcast 

Align Podcast 


Online Programs: 

GMB Elements -

Animal Flow -

Natural Movement -



Explained Mind (5-part series)

Cooked Series (4-part series) 

Explained (Season 1 & 2)

One Strange Rock (10-part series)