SoleMate Training combines structured mobility routines, progressive balance challenges and explorative play sessions to integrate your foot function, strength, mobility and balance all while having a heap of fun.

The training incorporates the TFC SoleMate with a range of simple tools you’ll likely have lying around home.

Download our free SoleMate Training Manual below to learn more and track your progress.


SoleMate Mobility

SoleMate Mobility Sessions are designed by our head physiotherapist to incorporate key fundamental mobility exercises you can do with your SoleMate to support the health and function of your feet and your entire lower body.

SoleMate Balance

SoleMate Balance Sessions are designed to enhance your foot function, challenging you in various stances and movements, and are adaptable to your personal progress and comfort level.

Beginner 🟢 Play

Try these sessions in a range of different stances to identify your current level then keep exploring your limits.

Intermediate 🟦 Play

It's time to take this relationship with your soles to the next level. For an extra challenge try the beginner sessions using the intermediate stances.

Partner 🤝 Play

If you think solo SoleMate Sessions are fun, wait until you play with a partner! Give these a go with a family member or friend and discover what being a SoleMate really means.